SMARTWaste Modules

SMARTWaste Modules

Measure more than just waste!

SMARTWaste Modules

You can already record waste and other project impacts through SMARTWaste, including energy, water and timber but it doesn't stop there.

Based on the feedback from our customers, the team behind SMARTWaste have been busy developing a number of new modules which are now available to all our members from Bronze level upwards at no additional charge, giving you even more areas to monitor, measure and report on than ever before.

These new modules will help our members meet the ever increasing demands for project monitoring as well as the requirements of BREEAM New Construction 2014.


On average SMARTWaste users have reduced related costs by £12,000 per project

Transport reporting

Transport reporting module allows users to record journeys and report associated fuel used, and related CO2 emissions for:

  • Waste removed from site
  • Material deliveries to site
  • Staff travel to and from site

Click here to view a demonstration of this module.

SMARTWaste has been used on more than 14,000 projects valued at £125 billion

Material Reporting

Material reporting module allows users to record the purchase of certified and non-certified materials on your construction project. Monitor construction materials against the following responsible sourcing standards

  • BES6001 scheme
  • BS8902 CARES scheme
  • Eco-Reinforcement scheme
  • ISO14001 scheme

SMARTWaste users have reduced their carbon impact by 20%

Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS)

Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) module helps users to track, target and report on their project’s CCS scores. Compare scores achieved across the company and identify areas for improvement. Click here to view a demonstration of this module.

SMARTWaste users outperform national average on Considerate Constructors Scheme by 11%

Pre-demolition Audit

Pre-demolition Audit module will identify ways to maximise reuse and recycling during the demolition and refurbishment phases of a project thus saving valuable resources and reducing project costs. Click here to view a video demonstration of this module.

SMARTWaste users have reduced waste generated onsite by over 40%